11 11 11 predictions in chennai

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11 11 11 predictions in chennai

Everywhere, Everyone discussing about the impact of 11 11 11 (or) 11-11-2011. Earlier the same date fall on 11-11-1911, report saying the temparature started at 40 and raised up to 50 and early they witnessed 60f drop before the day ends. WoW… Miraculous day…

Few newspapers in chennai reported yesterday about 11th November 2011. May good things and bad things will happen, like the world may end and even few were celebrating their marriages tomorrow because they wanted to make the most memorable for them and adding fuel to their belief being friday the auspicious day in Indian calendars.

But let us predict few happenings around chennai on 11 11 11 – 11 11 11 ( 11th day, 11th month, 11th year – 11th hour, 11th minute, 11the second )
1) Asusual 11’o clock current cut in chennai for 1 hour
2) More than 11 marriages will happen in chennai
3) Though the sms price is high , end of the day everyone will receive atleast 11 message about 11 11 11
4) 11’o clock if current available in some areas, everyone in home will start watching tele serials
5) Being current cut at 11, most of the offices will go free by 11am for 1 hour, so no call pickup and useless group chat
6) May people will round off their petrol bill by 70 rs by poring 1.1 liter for their vehicles
7) All I.T people being in RH yesterday will wokeup and say omg!!! its 11am i have to punchin to office soon.
8 ) All tnagar, usman road shop owners and road side traders will open their shop today after strike and they may give 11% discount to sell their goods on the day
9) All temples in chennai will have usual pooja for unknown reasons, same wish to their god to save their family alone
10) High traffic around 11am till 11pm in chennai being last business day of the week
11) Finally many people will change their status to 11 11 11 and they look others and say – its gonna be 11 11 11 – 11 11 11 and it happens once 100 years and then smile eachother

Oh My God !!! My calendar started showing 11-11-11 i dont know what is going to happen, let wait till 11-11-11 11h-11m-11s in night to see what will happen.

Wrote on 10 NOV 2011

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