2020 An Amazing Family Year for everyone

By Admin - 01 Jan 2021 504 0

Personally i love 2020 as i have been close to my family members for 9 months at the age of 35 is really awesome. Started my Self Employment back in 2007 after college graduation. So we were on the run till 25th March 2020 and when the lockdown came to the world for the first time people trying to know what is lock down other than presidents act when lock down will come during war / kios. 

But a unknown weapon enemy made the entire nation of 783 crore people to go lock down in all 235 countries worldwide. And the lockdown made families to treat everyone equally from children to old people since everyone is at home and doing all the work silently. Most of the people understood the value of their Home Makers / Moms / Wifes  who had done 99% sacrifice of freedom during this lock down in 2020 from 25th March 2020 till 30 August 2020. And post lock down almost 50% of the nation is again running for life on road with all safety measure like social distancing, no handshake / physical touch, compulsory wearing of mask, no spitting or coughing anyway and proper medical care to save one another etc.

Remaining 50% of the task force like IT Sector had informed their people to stay home safe and do Work From Home till June 2021 for now. AS everyone understood they wanted to be safe as 2020 was such an amazing life changing lovable family life. Goodbye 2020, we dont forget you and we love you till we have our last breath and thanks for the wonderful and remarkable year.

- Sudhakar Arjunan

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