Am 38 now, seems I have been cheated by many over my career

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Started my career in 2007. End my business career during the pandemic in 2020-2021. exactly on October 2021. During this time the greatest supports for investment for my startup business is my dad, mom, brother and later joined by my Wife. After all family investment in to the self employed business model from 2007 till 2018. Could able to run the show till 2021 with a decent number of team almost close to 25-30 member team. Could run the show for 14-15 years with the support of my school friends, college friends, customers and well-wishers who have supported me financially whenever am on need over these years. Similarly, whenever someone comes for financial support have extended the maximum and till now not even one turned back to repay me. They could be my vendors, friends, friends of friends, employees and some company people whom we meet on client location.

Post pandemic my dearest pals have came forward to continue my legacy on their shoulders and the business operation is still continued with more than 350-400 customers till date successfully from 2000+ customers we have serviced. Also my bff or best friend forever (a) well-wisher had extended an employment on my request. Being to Mumbai from Chennai for the first time in life and worked on a corporate for about a year almost. Later returned to Chennai once the given work is done. During my stay at Mumbai, I have to confess that everyone is hardworking starting from layman to senior levels. Would prefer to say, they are doing their duty to the fullest. However we found some being lazy and cheating as their regular routine, example the landlord where we booked a rental house at Navi Mumbai. Simply asked us to wait for 2 hours so community worker from the apartment will clear the house for our stay even after advance is paid 2 weeks ago and requested for all fixes with advance amount is more than a lakh. Followed by airbnb serviced apartment hosted by an young person charged money tactically by letting us stay for a week and said he had another guest book which he had moved to his friends apartment fully paid by him, so he could extend our stay for another 1 week with that additional payment paid by him. Finally the landlord where we stayed for almost a year, he had detected 15,000 rs for painting charges which had never happened in the history of Navi Mumbai, because painting comes under owners registration terms. Though we tried reaching out for Mumbai police for support with all near by stations, ended up no support for online complaints. 

Apart from this mostly by network providers, flight charges, additional baggage charges, luxury hotels, malls, multiplex and the list goes on and on.  Will give you exact details shortly on the future post.

Overall I still learn out of my mistake, listen to others carefully. Try following the advices and sustaining the lifeline for my family. Hope to restart my entrepreneurship journey before 2025 once I feel like my family is settled as per Indian family requirements. 

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Am 38 now, seems I have been cheated by many over my career Am 38 now, seems I have been cheated by many over my career Am 38 now, seems I have been cheated by many over my career

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