Concentration towards GinGly’s Dvpt.

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I know it beens a quite few months i haven’t took an opportunity to update My Blog.

All because, a smart dedications toward a new project of  IT Acumens & Mobi Drive.

GinGly is our Dream since the day when i booked this domain on Oct 2007

Early in july 2009 ( our VAS industry experience was One Year ) me , my sir & mgmt team of IT Acumens had a discussion of starting a new project .

e the concepts seems to be easyly understandable , fulfilling the needs for mobile users & an unexplored innovation. We had few short reviews & meeting . Then immediately started in july 2009. Soon by oct 2009, we got an structure and made our first ALPHA on 25 nov 2009 simply by cutting cake on GinGly Alpha Release with IT Acumens & MobiDrive Team about 15 – 20 dedicated staffs.

From day one we have not done even a single campaign other than publishing it on our discussion community.

Till date ( 100 + days ) statistics hits 3,822 Registration – 18,732 SMS Messages Stored – 1,21 SMS Groups – 1,013 Contacts Stored – 45,845 Pushed Messages to Community etc… Growing …

Current features offered in GinGly:

SMS uploading to 95662 95662 manually .

Compose SMS & forward saved messages.

SMS groups with public / private commuities with tag pushing . Ex. @CHENNAI <followed by message> to 95662 95662 – delivers message to chennai group users

Search messages using strings. Ex. SEARCH *ICICI* to 95662 95662 – lists all ICICI msg’s stored.

Download your nessages & contacts anytime if you change or lost your mobile. Ex. DOWNLOAD ICICI to 95662 95662 – downloads all messages having a word ICICI.

Business card uploader & downloader using Contacts Option – import & export

Individual profile page with ranking system. . . and much more to say.

Even we are so exited on our new updates/ fixes for beta release soon. A Snap of GinGly BETA,

Mobile application for all symbain s60 mobiles & java enabled phones.

SMS compose with templates.

Both SMS & Email invitation for generic & group invites.

Premium groups for business users.

Referral earning based on user invites.

New layouts & designs to improve user experience.

Live tech support / community support 24 * 7.

GinGly badge for webmaster / bloggers. … and much more to go.

Thats how i spend these busy days for day & night with my team in itacumens …

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