Do Money runs this entire world

18 Mar 2020 Admin

From Dec till now we have been in need of money to dispose some dues which we have raised for our business in last 3 years. Many people joined us and few people left us. But we could sustain with a team strength of 6 now after filtering from 15 – 16 worked with us. Because of the platforms we have opted for ?  we have missed many lakhs in the name of development ! For the college software we build in years, it has now got us to the due of around 15 lakhs which we have spent as salaries for all the employees in last 3 years. And out of that we have earned only 1 lakhs till data. And we have been struck with this. Now for our new projects and to settle the existings dues, we have been fighting hard in this web designing and software dvpt battle. Payment due, salary due, bla bla bla…..

Really its been a hepatic situation for us now for last 3 months and we were not sure how we could settle further. Apart from that familiy problem, personal problem, everything want to kill us out soon and immediately…

I learnt from many young entrepreneurs, that the knowledge is high but the investment , especially experience is only a process of learning and we dont know whether we will learn it fully or die before learning and experience is gained. We do not care about others who crack stories and enjoy their day with our failure stories. But we need to achieve something may be in our future sometime before our episodes were closed by the nature.