Endhiran movie released Worldwide Today in 3000 Screens

11 Mar 2020 Admin

Am proud to be one among the Die-Hard Rajinikanth Sir Fan.

This year i wanted to do something special to him, so i have purchased www.enthiran.net form existing vendor and maintained the website for almost 1.5 years which was booked on 01 Jan 2010 by current endhiran.org owner Mr.Vijay. Over Enthiran.net website, i and my team will very often update the recent happenings of Enthiran The Robo.

Later this year , we had a chance to book www.endhiran.net also and maintained the same way as www.enthiran.net ( My Dedication to My Dear Rajinikanth Sir )

Enthiran movie released Worldwide Today in 3000 Screens

Finally Enthiran / Endhiran had been Successfully launched in 3000 Theatres across the world. Visit www.enthiran.net or www.endhiran.netfor more details.

Though special shows have started today early morning 05:00 AM, we are eagerly waiting for today night show. Will Enjoy the day …. Happy Enthiran Day to all Rajini Fans around the globe.

Wrote on 30 Sept 2010