How to register a company and is private limited or partnership concern is best

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How to register a company and is private limited or partnership concern is best

Today i have learnt about How to register a company or farm.

And even learnt whether to open a private limited or a partnership company.

Simply if you are looking for Private Funds / Investors and long term business model then Private Limited is what suites you. Being the investor will look for an involvement of whether the accounts have been managed by an practiced CA or Chartered Accountant . If so, it means an Certified Chartered Accountant had verified your account and authorized your business and funds involved in it. The cost involved for registering a Private limited company involves 25,000 rs and the services includes, ROC or Company registration , Digital Signature, Pan, Din, Memorandum , DSC , authorized share captial, Notary, Name Availability & Payment incorporation. And the complementary services included Rubber stamp, PAN, TAN, Memorandum forms, MOM, Share Certificates, Appointment of first auditors and finally referring of opening current account.

Or If you do not have a proper Aim or they call it as a Vision. Then you could choose for ProprietorShip or Partnership Concern. Then you could apply for Partnership Farm registration , Din Number and Pan Number for your business. And later you could opt for Service Tax and Corporation Tax. And all these expenses will cost your 7500 + 3500 + 3500 . And every half yearly you have to file the service tax and returns by end of the year.

These info’s were taught to us by,
Cogzidel Consultancy Services –

And we are registering our company before next month, Since we need to file our returns before july 2011.

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