My Future is with them Varsh Kids in 2015

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As we grown with our parents, we were only two brothers. So both of us now have 2 kids each. In their order

Varshan. A.S. / 15 years old - ( V based on his birth time, AR - Arjunan - my father name, SHAN - aligns and ends with my brothers name Sudharsan )
Harshan. A.S. / 9 years old - ( H based on his birth time, rest all copied from his brother )
Varshith. A.S. & Varshitha. A.S. / 8 years old Twins ( V based on their birth time, AR - Arjunan - my father name, SH - my name Sudhakar, ITH - Thilaga's name and only she got A at the end to differentiate a feminine sound in her name ).
Though I miss my brother in 2015 and father by 2001. We all live with their wishes and grace with our Lovely Mom and Kids.

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