61st Republic Day Celebrated throughout INDIA on 26 Jan 2010

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Yes all Indians have celebrated Our Republic day watching tv programmes ( Not Me ).

I remember my earlier blog about 60th Republic & health problem of PM.

60th Republic Day Celebrated in INDIA – 1st Time Without Our P.M.

Hope our PM was well, but his plans were not good to Take India to next level. Atleast from now Our PM and his party members can think about designing a New India.

Just look at Tamil Nadu, everyone is getting Free Tv, Free Rice, Free Gas Stove, Free marriage fees, Free medicine & everthing is Free in Tamil Nadu.

Because of Free, every one from low level are sitting quite instead just give them a Job atleast !!! Worst Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and party.

Think Republic, Think Future India. Stop Free, Start Work !!! Jai Hind…

Wrote on 26 Jan 2010

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