Marital Status Update

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Dear Acumen,

As my age gets older, my chance of discussing about my Marital Status is more important.

Everywhere if you notice my profile, you could see my Marital Status as Strongly Committed.

Is that Strongly mean, am i too over conscious about my life, biggest love on the world. hmmm its an break point on my career.

As all film directors says, I saw a Girl and felt a difference in myself and i was totally unware that , it is my future break point.

Now am a business man, because of her supportive word. hmmm Sounds silly, yes My Love Life is an biggest Breakpoint on my Career.

If i had enough time, i will update this blog with my bottomline Story.

Who is She , Where did she lives, Does she is an techie, How Smart she is , what is her qualification, when was the first meet happened ?????

She is My Life Bird, She lives in Chennai with her Parents, HCL’lite for 2 Years after academics ( Smartest Techie ), Everyone turns to her when she walks around on earth, B.Tech Graduate and aiming for her master’s,   Aug 2004 ( My Goodness 5 Years Back ).

Wrote on 23 Sept 2009

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