Diwali Dreams 2009

By Admin - 03 Feb 2020 315 0

Whole Day, My Dear Indians celebration Diwali.

Enjoy eating Sweets, colourful Rangoli, Cracking Fireworks and much more.

But i haven’t Celebrated, since 2001. Almost 8 + Years. I have not celebrated. And this year it was too worst, is that because i was not with my family or is that am busy with my business. ??? Hole day i have spent in front of Internet, partially TV and phone conversation with Dearest One’sAcumens and few Clients.

Still i haven’t noticed any crackers live on road. Hope next year will be my wonderful Diwali.

Happy Diwali to all Dear Indian’s & Acumen’s .

Wrote on 17 Oct 2009

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