Chennai Public School Transport Department Complaints

14 Oct 2020 Admin

Its been years am writing my blog. I dont deserve to blame the society. We find difficult in understand how the education system grows in our society , especially in Chennai.

My Kids are admitted in Chennai Public School Last year and they have started going to Mont 1 or Pre-kg from July 16th 2014 onwards. Initially management said the academic for mont one starts by June 09th 2014. So considering that i have swifted my house from Saligramam to Mugaipper after 4 years of my Marriage life. But Chennai Public School have opened a new branch in Anna Nagar Roundtana, so they need to place of kids for Mont 1 only in Anna Nagar. By June 5th we are getting ready for academic sessions, and we have been surprised by the management by an sms confirmation saying “In due of an heat the academic session for Mont 1 starts by July and the dates will be announced by July. We have to wait till July 7th and when we called them we have been informed to check the chennai public school website for Academic opening calendar for Mont 1.

Finally we have started our Day one for our Kids pre kg by 16th July 2014 for one hour until next week and slowly the calendar moved from 1 hour to 1.30 hours to 2 hours by next week. During 23rd July 2014 onwards the Mont 1 session resumes perfectly from 9.30am till 12.30pm afternoon, So we have been informed to check for transportation inside school management. We have check with Anna Nagar School where our kids are studying, they have informed us to visit Head Office near MMM hosptial which is also called chennai public school anna nagar branch or head office for cps schools.

Today we are on 22nd Tuesday and our kids need to go regularly from school from 23rd July 2014, so we have visited Chennai Public School Anna Nagar head office branch today around 10am after dropping our kids in Cps school. We have been informed to meet Transportation department to check for buses availability and bus routes.

There the problem began, We have went inside the transport department of chennai public school, rushed with drivers and one person Named Ashok was sitting in his computer and entering some excel sheet datas. Me and My wife entered the room and this is what happened,

Us : We are looking for bus facility for our kids.

Mr.Ashok : Without even seeing us he was looking at his computer and asked Which location

Us : Mugaipper East near Primas Bakery

Mr.Ashok : Looking at one of the driver and asked where it is, and the driver explained the location to him. And he started to work on his computer without response

Us : Sir, there what is the procedure ?

Mr.Ashok : Looking on his computer, he said why do you come so late and we are preparing the sheets already and asked one his is driver to handover the application for kids.

Us : Sir please looks at us and talk we need two application for our Twin Kids.

Mr.Ashok : Watching his computer he said You are coming late and asking for application, every seats are full and raising his voice. The driver given one more application to us totaling two applications.

Us : Sir  we are informed recently so we are coming now to take transportation for our kids

Mr.Ashok : Again looking at his computer he replied, I have some other work and i could not respond your questions.

Us : Ok sir, keep this application with you . We will meet management to explain the way you are treating us here.

Mr.Ashok : He looked at us and said very bravely , Go and meet anyone . And i will not provided buses for you (or) your kids in a very high pitch.

Us : Without an word we came out of the room and in reception we have asked for complaints , they asked us to wait.

The best part of the issue began her. After 5 mins, School P.R.O named Aarthi Madam came to meet us and asked for our concern,

Us : We have explained why we have came here and how the Transport in-charge treated us.

P.R.O Madam : She asked why do you came very late to take transportation

Us : We said madam its for Mont 1 , so we are starting only from tomorrow in school transportation

P.R.O Madam : They are from management, so we cannot do anything here. If they say no we cant provided transportation.

Us : Madam if you cant help us even without checking what happened inside transportation department, we need to meet some higher officials to take our concern further.

P.R.O Madam : She was very confidentially said. Though you go to anyone this would be the answer you get. ( Strictly Straight forward )

Us : Great madam, if you cant provide transportation , what we should do. Okie we are going for cancellation.

P.R.O Madam : Its your wish, you could go and fill the TC form for it.

Us : If you cant provide transportation from school then we have no other option than cancellation of both the kids seats from your school.

P.R.O Madam : We could not talk to transport in-charge since they are from management.

Us : Madam you are not even trying to check what happen but straight forward in not helping us to get transport.

P.R.O Madam : Ok wait let me check with them and went to reception to make some calls.

Us : Thank you. And waited for 2-3 mins.

P.R.O Madam : Spoke to him , you could come back after 2 days and meet him, because he is busy with annual day schedule for buses.

Us : That is ok madam, but Mont 1 starts full funcaitonal from tomorrow and we could not drop our kids since both are working and cant pickup them at 12.30pm

P.R.O Madam : We cant help on that, you could come back after 2 days and meet the same transport in-charge to get sorted.

Us : The same person whom we met today.

P.R.O Madam : He is from management and you have no other option.

Us : Lets be very straight, we need to take this right now to the management.

P.R.O Madam : She said wait and went inside principal room near reception.

Later we met CPS Junior Academy Co-Ordinator, whom we have already met in anna nagar school during admission last year, came out from principal room and convinced us extremely polite way. She promised us whatever we needed and after 5 mins healthy  discussion both sided about the management and the issues often faced by parents with transport in-charge in due of many stress to be handled by those transport department considering the safety of kids and upcoming annual day event bus arrangements, even requested us to check with local transport medium if we prefer and later she asked us to wait and went to account room to check with the transport in-charge who had just walked in there. And she came out and request us to meet the same person by Thursday to get transportation for our kids. ( Things to be noted, the P.R.O had never came back from the principal room or even wanted to meet us when we are leaving. Suprisingly she is the supportive P.R.O for the school ).

We came out of Chennai Public School after thanking her.

Also when me and my wife are walking out,  we had few unanswered question,

1) If the transport in-charge is such a highly influenced person to challenge a parents whether we could face him.

2) An P.R.O, who dont even want to check with the issue, rather telling us nothing cannot be done.

3) How come management could keep these people will create such a bad impact on their school and their branch image.

4) Is these issues are really taken to the top management who is running the Industrial best educational school in Chennai.

5) Will this same scenarios faced by all the parents who are leaving there kids in a multi millionaire business schools.

Wrote on 22 JUL 2014