Google will celebrate our 25th birthday by September 27,2023

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Sundar Pichai on Google Blog,  mentioned his discussion with his father 25 years on boarding from Chennai and landing on USA. And he  wrote a email which was printed out to his father, Later his father dictated a reply and it was typed back to him.

Similarly he was discussing about his current year discussion with his son as mentioned below,


How I communicated with my dad all those years ago compared with how my son communicates today shows just how much change can happen across generations. Technology that takes us years to adapt to is second nature for our kids. Ideas my dad marveled at as science fiction — taking a call from your watch, or telling your car to play your favorite song — make my children shrug.

Those shrugs give me great hope for the future. They set a high bar for what the next generation will build and invent...and I can’t wait to see what will make their children shrug, too.

An essential truth of innovation is that the moment you push the boundary of a technology, it soon goes from extraordinary to ordinary. That’s why Google has never taken our success for granted.


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