My First Search on Google Instant

By Admin - 11 Mar 2020 377 0

WoW !!! Throughout the day i have been watching the event Launch of Google Instant and wanted to test this new rollout by Google, after 10 years of their april fools joke in 2000.

Logged in by around 5.00A.M IST , it said . Yet to have Google Instant. Luckily i could hit back around 5.38A.M, am on Google Instant :)

As everyone do , i have started punching my company name ITACUM ….. Yes i got My Entire Search Result of IT Acumens in just 6 character with hitting enter ….

ITAcumens Search Result on Google Instant

WoW !!! What a advancement of Google Products.

It was my Prediction earlier in 2004, i have been sharing to everyone that, In 2010 Google will come with a innovative product where we open google on the browser and just think, the results could be on your screen. Yes, it is true now. After there releases of Caffeine, it has been half proved about my Prediction.

google instant logo

If you would have noticed, two days back was showing a google logo script which was so playful. Additionally the above logo was rolled-out yesterday, it was symbolizing Google Instant. As you type a character, google logo will be coloured as above.

Day had finally came, My Prediction is now online. Enjoy using the feature of Google Instant , but make sure to test after logging in to your google or gmail account.

Wrote on 08 Sept 2010

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