SpeakAsiaOnline is Genuine and not a Scam or Fraud

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As i wrote on my forum – http://discuss.itacumens.com/index.php/topic,94050.0.html

Recent i came through this post in India Forums by the webmaster himself Mr.Vijay.

His Article subject itself is wrong – Subject looks like this : Speak Asia Online : Genuine or Scam (Fraud)? Read Here!

But the article clearly tells that SpeakAsia is a scam. So he would have wrote the Subject as Speak Asia Online is a Scam.

First of most – forums is something everyone could post and comment on something.

As a good webmaster – he should just leave his opinion and should not write a article saying it is wrong or right.

Ok you wrote the article – if someone replies good or bad – As a webmaster his is deleting the users comments.

- Finalized that he is a kid by birth till now – And it made me to stop comment on his topic.

AFter 1 years crossed , SpeakAsia has 14,00,000 users ( 1.4 million / 14 lakh users )

Each users of SpeakAsia is earning 1000 / weekly or 4000 / monthly for last 1 year.

Do you know why SpeakAsiaOnline could sustain in the Market – Because Your Opinion Matter.

Where does in earth – Your Opinions is valued

Conclusion : My voice and my team of 1450 members voices Opinion were Valued and i have been paid 1 lakh and 40 thousand so far.

Wrote on 10 MAY 2011

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